Abkhazia, where to go with children, resort recommendations

Abkhazia, where to go with children, recommendations of resorts

If you have any questions about the upcoming vacation, then you should definitely go to the sea. This option will be almost win-win. It is important to choose a place where it is not long to get there, the hotel is quiet, the cuisine is delicious and complex, there is entertainment. Therefore, the answer to the question of where it is better to go on vacation with a child is quite simple – Abkhazia will be the best solution.

The country can boast of the cleanest air in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, clean beaches of the Black Sea, exotic plane trees, palm alleys, tangerine trees, eucalyptus, laurel bushes.

Where is the best place to go and where to stay with children in Abkhazia?

The Abkhazian hotel complex is very diverse, it consists of boarding houses, rest houses and sanatoriums. The level of service cannot be called perfect, but in recent years many establishments have been reconstructed and updated.

Thinking where it is better to go to Abkhazia with children, parents first of all pay attention to the level of comfort, safety and food. It will not be easy to find a good cafe with a full children's menu. Therefore, when choosing a tour, you should definitely stop at this issue.

Abkhazia, where to go with children, resort recommendations

Fun for kids Watch the beautiful views of Abkhazia in this exciting video!

When deciding where to go on vacation in Abkhazia with children, it is worth considering the main resort cities. They are located along the coast, each boasting certain positive aspects that are worth attention and can attract tourists:

    Sukhumi is the capital of the republic and an old settlement with a history of more than 2500 years. There are a huge number of attractions that are definitely worth attention (the ruins of the Bagrat castle, the Sukhumi cape and the lighthouse, the Great Abkhaz wall). You can take a walk along the picturesque embankment, go to the famous monkey nursery and the Botanical Garden. In various sanatoriums and health resorts, you can improve your health. The local Sinop beach of pebbles and sand has a gentle entrance, which plays an important role in choosing where to go on vacation in Abkhazia with children. Most local hotels and holiday homes offer an excellent level of service, you can also rent a guest house, cottage or apartment with access to the sea itself. Viva Maria 3* – quiet and comfortable hotel, perfect for family retreat;

Abkhazia, where to go with children, resort recommendations

Playing with sand on the beach

    Gagra is the largest resort for those who like to swim and sunbathe, located in a secluded bay. This is a great place for young people, as well as an active family pastime due to the warm and dry climate. There are pebble beaches on the territory, the swimming season is open in May-November. You can go to the water park with all kinds of entertainment slides. There are also all kinds of cafes with goodies. “Alex Beach Hotel” 4 * and “Mountain of Tsar Bagrat” are suitable for a full-fledged stay with children. Boarding house “Solnechny” refers to an economical solution. With kids, you can go to Luna Park, one of the centers for entertainment and sports, the Museum of Ancient Weapons;

Abkhazia, where to go with children, resort recommendations

Children's pool at the hotel

    Pitsunda is a small place, great for little travelers. Pine forests are in abundance and the sea air is amazingly clean with a coniferous aroma. Beaches with large and small pebbles, sand. The water is calm without big waves, which makes swimming absolutely safe. You can visit the monkey nursery and the water park, there is also a dolphinarium. Boarding houses “Samshitovaya Grove”, “Pine Grove”, hotel “Literary Fund” are equipped with spacious rooms, three meals a day are offered. There is a cinema for children, children's animators, there are areas for games and sports;

 Abkhazia, where to go with children, resort recommendations

Rest with a child at sea

    New Athos is a small, calm town located in a bay near the Psyrtsha River. The resort is rich in a variety of natural and architectural attractions. There are a huge number of accommodation options; Gudauta offers a relatively affordable and relaxing holiday. The price is justified by not too developed infrastructure. Accommodations are available in the private sector or one of the boarding houses. The spacious beaches are not crowded, but they are absolutely not comfortable.

Abkhazia, where to go with children, recommendations of resorts

“Kulichi” – children's fun on the beach

Any tour operator can advise where to go in Abkhazia with children. He will select the best option for recreation with excellent accommodation, food and entertainment. Going to this country, you will not receive the service of resort republics. But at the same time, clean sea, beautiful landscapes, clean air and sea are guaranteed. Little tourists will not be bored. Next to Abkhazia is another equally interesting country – Azerbaijan. While in Abkhazia, think about visiting this country as well. Read about the sights of Azerbaijan and get inspired for your further journey through the countries of the Caucasus!

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