A virtual route for walking will appear in Kaliningrad

Tourists and locals will be able to walk along the old Kant-era Königsberg.

A virtual route for walking will appear in Kaliningrad

A virtual route will appear in Kaliningrad for walking

In Kaliningrad, tourists and locals will be able to follow the route philosopher Immanuel Kant, and see the old Königsberg virtual simulation.

The project of the tourist route “The World of Immanuel Kant” developed at the Kant Baltic Federal University as part of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the philosopher. “This is a module designed specifically for smartphones, which will be accessible via a QR code.”

The route includes a walk through the streets where Kant used to walk. During such a walk, tourists will be able to see virtual models of 89 disappeared buildings, including Kant's house and the Royal Castle, as well as learn historical facts related to these buildings.

The route project has already been tested by guides and tourists, however it is still in development and may be further developed. The official completion of the project is expected by the end of the year, but already now you can partially complete the route on the IKBFU website.

It is assumed that the mobile application for smartphones will be available for download via a QR code, which will be placed at the beginning of the route near the partially preserved wall of the Royal Castle.

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