A tourist filmed how a hotel employee rummaged through things and drank his beer

Impudent janitor tried to open the safe

A tourist filmed a hotel employee rummaging through things and drinking his beer

A tourist filmed a hotel employee rummaging through his belongings and drinking his beer

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American Arturo Brunello shared on social networks a video of how an employee of a hotel in Cancun, Mexico shamelessly invaded his room while a tourist was walking around the resort.

The vacationer left a computer in the room that recorded what was happening on video . It has already gained 3.5 million views on TikTok.

The hotel cleaner entered the room, drank a can of beer from the mini-fridge, and began rummaging through the tourist's closet and backpack. The impudent guy even tried to open the safe. Fortunately, he could not find the correct code.

In the end, nothing was missing from the closet and backpack. According to Arturo, the only prey of the criminal was beer.

The tourist immediately notified the hotel management about the incident. The unfortunate janitor has already been fired.

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