A tourist city in Spain is being sold at the price of an apartment in Moscow

Businessmen from Russia showed interest in buying real estate

A tourist city in Spain is sold at the price of an apartment in Moscow

A tourist town in Spain is being sold at the price of an apartment in Moscow

In Spain, they put up on selling a whole city that attracts many tourists.

Salto de Castro or Poblado del Salto de Castro is located in the province of Zamora, near the border with Portugal. Here is the Castro hydroelectric power station built in the 1950s, which provides energy to the entire district.

Since 1989, the city has been uninhabited, because. employees of the hydroelectric power station and the military guarding it were transferred to a neighboring city. The abandoned city attracts hundreds of tourists every year.

In the early 2000s, a Spanish businessman bought all the buildings in the town in the hope of creating a tourist attraction there. The plans were to build a new hotel for travelers, but this never happened.

Recently, he himself put up for sale all the real estate of the city: 44 apartments, a church, a school, a public swimming pool and even a barracks building, where military.

The price of the lot is 260 thousand euros (about 15.6 million rubles). With this money you can now buy a 1 or 2-room apartment in a residential area of ​​Moscow.

About 300 people have already expressed interest in buying real estate. Among them are businessmen from Russia, France, Belgium and the UK.

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