A relaxing holiday in Kurumba Maldives

Where the horizon meets water, once again proving the infinity of the living, where only a rare boat breaks the calm of the water surface, and only a star that hastened to appear before dusk…

< p>Nonboring Kurumba Maldives

Holiday in Kurumba Maldives

It is there, on the coast of Kurumba Island, that modern residents of megacities, squeezed into the concrete and asphalt of city labyrinths, feel especially strongly the unity with nature. And we need it just like a breath of fresh air.

The hotel has one of the best water sports centers in the Maldives, which offers a lot of options for sports entertainment for those who decide to give up the boring “vegetable” rest in favor of new experiences and opportunities to touch the bright sea world. At your service are lessons of sailing and windsurfing, riding a “banana”, circles and kayaks. Those who are not new to the world of conquering the sea wave will be able to go wakeboarding, windsurfing and parasailing.

Nice vacation in Kurumba Maldives

The island's house reef is a rich ecosystem and can be explored both in the lagoon and in the open ocean off the reef. The top of the house reef is located approximately 1-2 meters deep, and then its slope goes to a depth of 10-30 m (80 m on the south side) from the edge to the sandy bottom. So if you're into surface sports, don't forget to dive!

Nice vacation in Kurumba Maldives

And if you decide to introduce diving to your children, then Kurumba Maldives, perhaps the best place to do it. Firstly: The Maldives is the safest place for diving, and Kurumba Maldives is one of the few hotels that offer vocational training for children from 10 years old. After several successful lessons, your child will be able to receive a PADI6 certificate with which he will be able to go “to the sea” anywhere in the world.

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