A new virus with a mortality rate of 90%: tourists were banned from visiting three countries that pose a danger

According to the WHO, the disease “has epidemic potential” and “the risk of international spread cannot be ruled out.”

New virus with 90% mortality rate: tourists banned from visiting three dangerous countries

< p>New virus with 90% mortality rate: tourists banned from visiting three dangerous countries

B WHO warned tourists about another “terrible virus” Marburg with a mortality rate of 90%, “cousin” Ebola. At the moment, outbreaks of diseases have been recorded in three African countries, which some states have already banned from visiting.


The virus is transmitted to humans through fruit bats, similar to COVID-19, and can also be transmitted between humans through direct contact with bodily fluids, surfaces, and materials. At an early stage, the following symptoms are recorded in patients: high fever, chills, headache and myalgia; after a few days, a rash, jaundice, liver and pancreas damage, internal bleeding and multiple organ dysfunction develop. The combination of these symptoms is highly likely to lead to the death of the sick person.


So far, 3 countries have been included in the risk zone: Equatorial Guinea, Burundi and Tanzania, which is popular among Russian tourists. 


Many countries have already closed the “risk zone”; for tourists. Thus, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges its tourists to avoid contact with sick people and monitor symptoms for three weeks after leaving the area. Vietnam has introduced mandatory screening for all tourists arriving from these countries, and countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait have introduced a complete ban on visiting these countries.


For some Equatorial Guinea had 13 confirmed and 20 probable cases as of the end of March. In Tanzania, 8 cases were recorded, 5 of which were fatal. Three deaths have been recorded in Burundi, but the authorities deny the involvement of this virus in them. Thus, the bans of countries, given the low number of cases, are associated with the high virulence of Marburg and the threat of its spread in Western countries.

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