A dish of poisonous shark has not passed the test of Elena Letuchaya, who is vacationing in Iceland

The TV presenter went to Iceland with her husband

Poisonous shark dish did not pass the test of Helena the Flying, who is vacationing in Iceland

A poisonous shark dish didn't pass the test of Olena Letuchaya, who is vacationing in Iceland

Elena Letuchaya and her husband Yuri are on vacation in Iceland. During the week, the couple managed to visit a number of beautiful places: volcanoes, waterfalls and geothermal springs.

Also, the couple did not miss the chance to taste the rare Greenland poisonous shark, as the fish accidentally got tangled in a fishing net and died. < /p>

“Bright smell of ammonia and tastes like lard”, — commented on her tasting experience Volatile.

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