A descendant of Catherine II told how he relates to the Crimea

Andrey Kalageorgi, a direct descendant of Catherine II and Prince Grigory Potemkin, spoke about his impressions after visiting Crimea.

A descendant of Catherine II told how he feels about Crimea < /p>

A descendant of Catherine II told how he feels about Crimea

"Just goosebumps really. Knowing the activities of my grandparents, this is something incredible and very similar to where I was born in California in San Francisco. But there is spirit, wealth and beauty here. I'm just proud ", — Kalageorgi told reporters during an international conference that was dedicated to the 240th anniversary of the annexation of Crimea and Kuban to the Russian Empire. The event was held at the Livadia Museum-Palace.

As Calageorgi noted, he never hid his true origin, even when he lived in the USA and Europe.

"From an early age, I said, that I am Russian", — Calageorgi said and added that he would never go to the USA again, as this is a country of “Russophobia propaganda”. He also expressed confidence that Europe would soon recognize Crimea as a territory of Russia. A descendant of Catherine believes that the West has already begun to realize the “real state of affairs.”

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