A 72-year-old pensioner from the USSR walked 8,000 km

Dozens of people met him in every city

72-year-old pensioner from the USSR walked 8000 km

A 72-year-old pensioner from the USSR walked 8,000 km

A 72-year-old pensioner traveler from Sarsenbay Kotyrashev of Kazakhstan walked more than 8,000 km across the country in six months.

Aksakal lives in the city of Ulytau in the center of the country. He was born and raised in the USSR, and for the last 30 years he has been living in independent Kazakhstan and singing the traditions of his people.

In order to popularize domestic tourism, the aksakal went on foot to the south of the country (Kyzylorda, Shymkent, Almaty), then to the east (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey), from there back to the center (Karaganda, Astana), after – to the north (Petropavlovsk, Kostanay), and then to the west (Uralsk, Atyrau, Aktau). The other day he completed an odyssey.

In just six months, a pensioner in a cowboy hat walked more than 8,000 km, i.е. 60 km per day. He moved along the roads along the side of the road and rolled a cart with things and a tent in front of him. A man slept either by the road or with random people who gladly gave him shelter and a roof over his head.

Sarsenbay Kotyrashev quickly became a star of Kazakhstan. In each city, he was met by dozens of people, the media and the local administration. As a result of the marathon, the pensioner was presented with an apartment in his native Ulytau.

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