7 people injured at Germany's largest amusement park

Police say seven people were injured in an accident at Germany's largest theme park

7 people were injured in Germany's largest amusement park

7 people were injured in Germany's largest amusement park

Seven people were injured in the result of an accident that occurred on Monday in the largest theme park in Germany. The accident occurred at Europa-Park in Rust, near the French-Swiss border.

According to the German news agency dpa, a mobile pool cracked during a performance in the park on Monday afternoon and the jump platforms attached to it collapsed. from which acrobats jump. Water from the pool spilled onto the Atlantica SuperSplash.

According to the police, five acrobats and two patrons were injured, three of them were taken to the hospital for examination. The cause of the accident has not been clarified.

The park is a popular tourist attraction with over 6 million visitors last year, mainly from Germany, France and Switzerland.

The park has zones , which are based on various European countries, as well as three zones based on fantasy. The park also hosts conferences and is a popular venue for events and television filming.

This is not the first incident at Europa-Park, however. In June 2023, a massive fire started in the park, causing all visitors to be evacuated. Two firefighters were slightly injured, but none of the park guests were hurt.

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