2,000-year-old fountain opens in Turkey

A 2,000-year-old fountain has come to life in the Turkish city of Kibira.

2000-year-old fountain launched in Turkey

2000-year-old fountain launched in Turkey

After nine months of restoration work in the ancient city of Kibira in the Turkish province of Burdur, a 2,000-year-old fountain has been restored. The restoration of the monumental fountain was carried out with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey.

The fountain with two pools was built in the city of Kibira in 23 BC, during the time of the Roman Empire. Its height is 7.5 meters and its diameter is 15 meters. The fountain functioned for about 600-700 years, being a testament to the ability of the ancient city to meet the needs of water.

The head of the excavation, Associate Professor Şükrü Ozudogru, together with a group of archaeologists, restorers and architects, took part in the large-scale restoration process of the fountain. He describes that the water in the fountain seems to “flow out of the mouths of a lion and a panther.”

During the restoration work, an original water supply system was created from the source, so that the fountain now, like two thousand years ago, drinking water flows.

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