$2.5 million for a visa: Indonesia introduces “golden visas”

Indonesia to Become a Golden Visa Eligible Country

$2.5 million for a visa: Indonesia introduces &laquo

2.5 million dollars for a visa: Indonesia introduces golden visas

According to RIA Novosti, Indonesia has introduced a new type of visa, known as the “golden visa”, for foreign investors.

According to the head of the immigration service, Silmi Karim, this visa gives the opportunity to live in the country for five to ten years.

To obtain a “golden visa”, you need to create a company in Indonesia in the amount of 2.5 million dollars. For a ten-year visa, twice as much money is required. Corporate investors are required to invest $25 million to obtain five-year visas for all executives and $50 million to obtain ten-year visas.

Local authorities intend to stimulate the national economy with this decision.

Currently time “golden visas” common in several countries such as USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain.

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